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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

Welcome to Rurban Culture !!!

Rurban Culture is an online community run by me, Jignesh Nayi, for discussing and teaching ethical, proven and time tested strategies to bloggers, creative entrepreneurs, small biz rockstars and online marketers for running an online business and optimizing it for passive income.

If We need to describe you in one line then, you are Creative, Ambitious, Passionate, Enthusiastic and Optimistic….. ☺ 😍

But, If there is one word for your current job, then it would be Boring……

Since you are here right now, you have positive mindset and force that is telling you to do something creative and better in your life, you have entrepreneurship spirit and damn good ideas, because of that reason you are here. ( I knows this because, some day these were the cries of mine too… 😢 )

But you may be,

  • Have no hint what kind of product to create or how to market it !!
  • Hows this whole online kind of stuff is working !!
  • Whom to believe that will give valuable and ethical advice !!
  • Need help growing your list and attracting an engaged tribe of raving fans !!
  • Feeling isolated and wants like-minded guys to talk with, (your friends are supportive but dot’t quite get it.)

This is where Rurban Culture Fits in, No matter, where you are in your online business growth journey, we want your business to have greater impact. 

You want to use your creative juices towards something matters, both to you and to the world.
You’re Ready to take your Business to that next level and may be even quite your day job.
But you just don’t know how to make it to reality, you feel confused and stuck.

Trust me my friend, I’ve totally been there for you!!

Who is Jignesh Nayi?

How Does He Knows About This Stuff ?

Jignesh is a civil services aspirant since last four years and obsessed  with reading and learning diverse subjects. Online business and  marketing was one of them, born out of my dire need to get some  passive income to support my educational expense because i had too. Like so many other people, I’m  on my plan B career.

I mastered from college with an I.C degree and went for preparing Indian civil services examinations in 2012, where i have learned almost all subjects I am like a “Jack of all trades”. History, Geography, Economy, Polity, Sociology, Philosophy, Information Technology, Science and Technology, International Relationship, Law, Administration and lot more are the subjects i have learned since last 7 years. For me Subjects are like my brand new girlfriend, first i tries hard to make them familiar to me and accept my proposal, then lives with them in harmony forever. I loves all of them but I have a special crush on I.T, Economy and Law, for which I am updating my self on a daily bases. Rurban Culture is the byproduct of my I.T obsession and dire financial need.


The real power I found during this time is that I could take control of my future.

Running an online business built around passive income allowed me to spend more

time on my study—and I wanted to share the techniques I learned with other people in similar situations.

When I started Rurban Culture, my goal is simple: share the strategies that have helped me grow my online business. Now a days, it has become remarkably easy to find advice on internet marketing and starting an online business—but what has gotten harder is finding ethical advice that has been properly time tested.

This is me, Jignesh Nayi @”Pengong lake” #Heaven of the world!!

Don’t Worry


If you haven’t started an online business yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’re not too late. Spend some time exploring my Menu page to get a sense of what is involved. This page is designed to help you make good business decisions on your own, without having to pay some sketchy “online business guru.”

Also, be sure to follow me on social media to get all of the latest and greatest high-quality updates about building an online business.

I have worked hard to build this site into a resource that not only helps you build your business and avoid the false promises of get-rich-quick schemes, but also helps you provide a real benefit to your business’s audience.

In fact, I give out all my best advice for free inside my newsletter. I hope you subscribe. You can do so using the form below:

And Hey, Thanks for being here, I genuinely appreciate it.


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