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How to Make a Blog in 2019 – Easy 4 Step Comprehensive Guide For Beginners!!

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Hey Guys, I have come up with a full comprehensive, step by step guidance for creating your own personal blog!!

General Guidance

First, open this link , it will open up a bluehost(web-host) home page as shown below. From here we will simultaneously apply the instructions from here to create your blog,

( learning blog making practically!!).

bluehost home page

My Recommendation:

(I am recommending to use bluehost. Because I am personally using it, and this is the easiest and best available web-hosting service for creating blog on word-press (1/3 of worlds websites and blogs are using it).

worldwide popularity of bluehost

WordPress itself recommends Bluehost!!

Whether you want to promote your business, design a portfolio, blogging for earn money, or simply wants to share your personal experiences, you may be wondering how to create a blog. Fortunately, starting a blog isn’t that complicated.

WordPress has all the essential tools you need to set up and manage a self-hosted WordPress blog—no design or development experience needed for starting a blog on this powerful blogging platform and it will be even more fun for beginners with BlueHost.

Before, we start our “Blog Creating Journey” if you wants to understand the basics regarding Blog, Please read my “Difference Between Blog and Website – Comprehensive Guide” post.

I hope Now you are Clear on the Blog Basics,

Let’s Get started with a WordPress Blog!!!

Creating a Blog is an easy 4 step process, and we are ready to Go..

Be clear on these two terms,
(Domain = Address of your blog, like mine is
(Web Hosting = Service, provided by web-host for storing, protecting and keeping your Blog files live on internet)

  1. Choose a Blog Name
  2. Register your Blog Name/Domain
  3. Customize your Blog
  4. Create your First Post

1.Choose a Blog Name

<@>  How to choose a blog name?

Your Blog name will reflect your blog Niche/Subject. What will be the Focus of your Blog. On which subject your blog is, will be inferred by readers from your blog name.

Say your blog is about Health so, we can name it as “HealthMantra” or “HealthForLife” or any other fancy name you like which will reflect the subject of your blog.
(Lots of new bloggers are changing subjects of their blogs after few months of creating their blog, as they comes to know what really they wants to blog about. Subsequently changes the name of blog too).

You can change the name of your blog in future. You can create your blog on any subject like Cooking, Travel, your personal experiences or anything you want to share with your readers.

<@> Brilliant Way to choose a blog Subject:

My advice is to start your blog with a subject, you are crazy about, you loves to read about it, talk about it and enjoying to write about it. Your love and craziness about your subject will reflect in your blog through your writing.

<@> Don’t Try to Rush too Fast !!!

Choose only one subject right now as it’s tempting to tackle multiple topics at once; however, it’s probably easier to begin with one area you have the most expertise or interest in.
You don’t want to overwhelm yourself straight out of the gate.If you are not sure about blog subject then don’t worry, I’m providing here,a list of different subjects on which you can start your blog.

  1. Expertise:
    Expertise is a great place to start a blog and monetize it.You can start your blog on any subject in which you are an expert.Say you are a Bachelor/Master in engineering(any subject).
    So, obviously you have acquired deep knowledge of particular subject, and you knows the toughest aspects of the subject.

    You can simply help students by making your knowledge and experience available to them through your blog.(Ex. Gym Trainer, Health expert, Nutrition expert, Yoga trainer, Chef, School teacher, Musician, Expert in Graphics design, Expert in php, java, html, css or anything software related work etc…)
  2. Hobbies & Passion:
    You can create your blog on hobby or other interest you are passionate about, it is quite trending too.
    Cooking, travel, fashion, gadgets, adventure, sports, cars and weaving are all classic examples.
    Weaving is one of the biggest subject on Pinterest.
    Even blogging on Obscure/less known hobbies can be successful as your audience is the globe on internet.

  3. Life Experiences:
    Every one of us have life experiences (Good/Bad). Most of the time we are facing same kind of problems and happiness, we all passes through these situations with happiness & joy or smartly without pain or overwhelmed with problems and pain.
    Sharing this knowledge can be great help to others facing the same situation.

    My friend, today or tomorrow, everybody will face the same situation we have gone through and some of them are facing it right now somewhere in the corner of the world.
    People are becoming more and more internet dependent, they prefers to get answered for their situation from internet.
    <@> It requires rethinking the things happened in our life:
    Think about things you have experienced in life. This could be related to your family. {ex.A blog about a recent mom(pregnancy situations, delivery and baby care)}, Weight loss (a blog about how to fight obesity, diet plan, hurdles during weight loss, physical exercise, preventing food temptations etc..).
    <@> Daily Challenges in a House wife’s Life:
    A house wife (A blog about how a housewife can manage his house while fulfilling families needs, how to save time for personal improvement, how to earn passive income being a housewife etc).
    <@> Life and Time Management for Working Woman:
    A working woman ( A blog on daily challenges, a working woman is facing and its solutions, managing house and job at the same time, managing personal and house expenses, managing work during pregnancy and lot more).
    <@> Other Miscellaneous Life Incidences:
    Other life experiences( A blog about dealing troubling time in life, like disease, financial loss, or divorce, or about joyful time such as wedding, having baby birth, party with friends etc).

  4. Personal Blog:
    A personal blog is all about you, your likes and dislikes, from your daily routine to your random thoughts and musings, your do’s and don’ts.

    You can write on any topic related to you, you are not bound to single subject. You can share to the world who you are and in the way, can connect to the like-minded people in the world and create a joyful community there.

Once you are done with the subject of your Blog, It’s time to Name your Blog. As I have said above your blog name should be descriptive enough to represent your blog subject. So that potential readers will connect instantly.

<@> Ideal Word Number for Blog Name:

Generally three word name is ideal for a blog. For example I am creating a personal blog, then my blog name would go like “Blogging With Jignesh” or “Jignesh Nayi Blog”. (Give your own name:- first, middle or last to your personal blog because it’s you). (Remember your blog address will look like“”)

If you are Blogging on specific subject then try to include the name of that subject in between the blog name (but not strictly to one word).

Fore example you are creating a blog on cooking, then create a name that include the word “Cooking” or “Meal” or “Food” or “Recipes” or to specific things you are going to blog about like “Brownie”, “Dark Chocolate”, “Pastry” or anything that relates the most.

2.Register your Blog Name/Domain

<@> Time to Take Action:

Now Press “Get Started” button on Bluehost home page, it will show you bellow page in your tab.

select web hosting plan of your choice

 Now select your plan for blogging. (If you have decided to become an active blogger and wants to monetize your blog then, my recommendation is to use choice plus plan).

<@> Benefits of Choice Plus Plan:

Now select Plan of your choice in bluehost, in next step it will ask you for your domain name as below,

enter your domain name in”new domain” box

<@> Time for setting Blog Extension:

After setting up blog name, it’s a time to select blog extension. Generally  “.com” is a most popular blog extension as it is easy for readers to remember a blog with .com extension.

Because with time “.com” has become default in our psych so, first try to create your blog with .com extension.  If “.com” is not available for your blog name then try “.net” and “.org”,  they are also performing pretty good!!!

Add your Blog name in a “new domain” Box  as shown above and try “.com”, “.net” and “.org” extensions for your blog name.
If your blog name is available then you will get a blog name available message in next step and it will show like the message below.

message of domain name available for this blog

Now you are required to fill the information in the boxes provided above.

<@> Having Problem while Creating Domain Name.

In some cases your blog name can already be taken by someone else. In such cases blue host will give you an error message like shown below.

domain name already taken by someone else

If such kind of situations happens with your blog name. (It’s not new, generally it happens to everyone while creating new domain name, so chill !!!).
Than you can use blog names, suggested by bluehost, just bellow the not available message.

<@> Choose Later Option Of BlueHost:

If you are not satisfied with any of the suggested names. Then you can try another name by simply tweaking in your blog name.

Try this step till you get your desired blog name. (Remember you can change your blog name at any point of time so, don’t get panic).

If you found yourself out of thoughts right now. And not able to decide blog name, then you can select “Choose later” option. By this option you can name your domain after fully setting up your blog. It’s Cool Right !!!

choose later option for later giving name to your domain

<@> Personal Details Required by BlueHost:

Ok, after these steps ( whether you have your desired domain name or not), you will be required to fill in name and address details. It’s a usual step so, I’m not showing photo here.
Just bellow personal information, you will be asked for kind of blue host service you buy through drop-down and check boxes.

Web hosting plan for your newly created blog

<@> My Recommendation:

I recommend to purchase an Account plan for at-least 36 months. As it will cost you lower, (it’s a web hosting charge). And at the same time you will get your domain free of cost,  for the number of years you take web-hosting plan.

In package extras box,  Un-check sitelock security and select bluehost SEO tool start, (it is highly needed for ranking your blog in google search). Then finish your purchase. Once you have completed your payment, you will receive a Congratulations!!! message.

My friend you have created your blog successfully. You will receive mail on your provided mail Id with some information such as your blog URL and URL to access your admin Dashboard/C Panel.
Keep this information because we need it for very last step – Installing WordPress.Now its time to Customize your blog.

3.Customize your Blog

Now, you need to install wordpress on your on your blog. Go to bluehost home page and click on the “login” button on top right corner. you should see a login screen just like below,

admin login for bluehost

Enter the credentials you have received on your mail, your doman/user name, password and hit the Submit button. Now you will be brought to your bluehost Control Panel. Look for the icons shown below and hit any of the icon

hit any of the icon

On hitting icon, you will be brought to SimpleScripts page. Under “Blogs” choose “wordpress” and you will be brought to a new page with WordPress Install button.

<@> WordPress Installation to your blog:

@ First Part:

Press Install button and you will be shown some installation preferences. For the first part, it will show the URL where WordPress is going to be installed. Just leave this at and leave everything blank after the slash.

@ Second Part:

The second part will be where you fill out some admin details. Expand the options if they aren’t visible. Fill in the WordPress site title (you can make it your domain name such as RurbanCulture – this can be changed later at any time).


@ Admin Credentials:

Then, come up with your admin username, admin password, and admin email. Keep the admin email the same as the one you used to sign up for hosting (unless you want it to be different). Also, for your “Admin Username”, NEVER EVER make your Admin Username be “admin”.

Make it something that is unique and that isn’t guessable. Once you have done, if you found some extra themes and plugins you can leave those for now. Scroll down and accept terms and condition and hit complete.

WordPress will start installing. Once it is complete, you will receive “Success – installation complete” message. After completing installation, you will find a couple of URLs.
The important URL for you is your admin URL, which you are going to use every time you login to your admin account. It will look like ““. Go to that URL and login with your wordpress credentials. Congrats on purchasing your brand new Blog, Domain and Hosting service!!!

<@> Appearance of your Blog:

At the First Look, you will get disappointed by your blog appearance. Your blog is looking like a simple HTML page Right!!!. Therefore, We need to do some Make-Up of your blog. Go to Your Admin Dashboard in wordpress.

You will find lots of options on left hand side. Select appearance from here and then themes. You will find add new on right top of the page, hit it. You will see page like this.

free library of themes by wordpress

<@> Theme selection and Customization:

From here, We can select the theme of your choice by using three filters ” subject, features and Layout”. Get the theme of your choice and hit activate.
Congrats!, now your blog will look like a Classy, living place.

After selecting theme you can customize your blog by selecting customize option just below theme in the same menu. Same way you can add widgets and menus, background color all other aspects related with your blog appearance.

<@> Other Numerous Option:

My Friend, just below Appearance option you can find plugins option. Like Themes, Plugins are equally important for making blogging a bit easy. You can google search for it later.
In-short this is your control panel from where you will control your blog. I think Now, it’s time to make the most exciting thing of blogging!!!, Of course creating your first post.

4. Create your First Post

Creating first post is not that easy. It is an exciting time for every bloggers life. In Fact my own fingers were shivering when I started to create my own first blog.

Finally to start blogging, hit Posts tab, third from the top in your dashboard, and then hit Add New.
It is your first post, consequently you can simply add some text, so that can inform your friends about your blog. Also it is about XYZ subject.
Besides publicize your blog on social media and all the search engines for your readers to know!!!
Creating a Blog is not a tough task, isn’t it. I’m sure you enjoyed creating your blog!!!

<@> Small Request from me:

If You Find my Post Informative and Helpful in creating your Blog. Please Share my post on Social Media to others. Give me a Comment too if you loved reading or having any query. It will be a pleasure for me to hear from you!!!