Difference Between Blog and Website – Comprehensive Guide !!!

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When I started to write about a post “How to Create a Blog”, a question came across my mind, “does people really knows what the word BLOG mean?and the basic difference between website and a blog?” Then I google searched for the same question and get to know that, average 10 thousand people globally searching for the same question monthly, they don’t know the basic and so, I decided to let you know and this post take a birth. I have tried to cover every aspect of blog and website here.

At the end of the reading you will get to know that BLOG is better then a website, how? Let’s see……

Whenever you are searching on your browser for anything, say for products or news or information, the search engine will take you to the page exactly matching your need and believe me in almost all cases the site you have reached is a blog, someone (Individual/Team) created for us, like this current page you are reading.

Website is a general term (a site on web=website) and a Blog is a type of website (web log =Blog). All Blogs are website but not all websites are blog.

According to wikipedia a Blog is a type of website or a part of it supposed to be updated with new content from time to time.

while a website is collection of web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at-least one web server.

Most of the time Websites are created for purpose of selling products and giving basic information regarding those products or related companies and their content is almost formal, boring and static in nature, they are using very sophisticated and tough language that can’t be easily consumed by common people, their way of communication is a one-way and monotonous, their content gets updated on intervals of years. It needs team of people to maintain and also requires coding, web-hosting and all the technical kind of stuff to be done.

While Blogs are created for engaging people, they are like social community where new guests are welcomed, answered their questions, informed about their doubts and they will make a community here by liking and making comments for appreciating a particular post or getting their query solved related to a topic, so its a two way thoughtful and joying communication!! You know, all the people interested in a particular topic or subject are discussing here with each-other and getting their questions answered. To start a blog you don’t need to learn anything technical like coding, webhosting etc.etc.., thanks to bluehost. At bluehost you are simply required to buy a blog plan of your choice (“choice plus plan”, if you want to fully monetize your blog) and then follow the step by step process guided by bluehost and you will get your blog created, its as easy as creating a facebook account!! In blog all the coding and other html kind of things will be taken care by bluehost (there are also others web-hosting services available in the market, but i am mentioning bluehost because it is the bestest one) and then you are set to start your blogging journey.

Information provided on blog is in a informal tone and most of the bloggers are trying to use simplest language so, even a child can get it (Me Too). content of Posts and Pages in a blog is regularly updated, in some cases 2 to 3 times a day!! so, the information a reader get will be fresh and full of insights.

What we have learned till time is a general difference between blog and a website, now we will discuss about some technical differences.

  1. Content of the Blog is updated regularly then that of website and because of this reason blogs are given preference over websites by search engine for crawling.
  2. In Blog every written blog post automatically creates its own web-page and a default url, while in a website you will have web pages connected to a web server.
  3. In Blog, home page showcases recent posts by blogger in reverse chronological manner (latest to oldest) while this is not the case in websites.
  4. In blog all the content is differentiated in pages and posts, it also contains images, video and audio files. every post in a blog is organised through Category and Tags. different categories are used by blogs to make it easy for reader to navigate through different topics and subjects, Tags are used in a post for sub-categorizing the post, also for SEO purpose. while in website you will get static first page showing the same details always for years and has low ability of smooth navigation through topics.
  5. Blog provide for comment Box bellow every posts and pages for discussion.
  6. A blog offer a subscription system where by enrolling your email you will get mail for every new post made by that blog.
  7. Unlike website, a blog can easily be managed by a single individual to run it successfully. Later on you can surely increase number of authors by giving them user access to regularly update your posts.Large corporate blogs are using 5 – 10 authors to regularly publish their posts and solve the problems of users in time.
  8. Blog will provide its readers with like, comment, follow and share option for all the posts of blog

Having any further query?

I think I have covered almost all aspects of website and blog but, remember one thing its a blog so, it is dynamic in nature and not static to its content. this is not the end of the subject, let me know if you need further clarification regarding the topic, make a comment in the box below, it would be a pleasure to hear from you and i would definitely come back with a answer to your query, your question will help me to give readers more information and to grow the post too.

If you have decided to create a blog (for personal use or for monetizing it) you can read my “How to Create a Blog” post for step by step comprehensive guidance to create your blog successfully with lowest expense possible.( remember one-thing you can help people by your knowledge regarding any subject, you don’t know but, your hidden knowledge that is nothing new to you can be totally a new subject to others for which people are waiting Eagerly and ready to pay for it, through which you can monetize your blog too.)

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